Vandalism & Mess in Boys Toilets


This afternoon in the last 2 hours we were at Llanberris today, the boys toilets was made into a giant mess from the hand soap being sprayed everywhere, bananas squashed into the seated toilets, toilet paper spread everywhere.
We would like to know if anyone saw kids doing this, it’s very hard to ask kids to dob in their friends, but it’s unacceptable for the few people left behind to pack up after everyone to have to clean toilets.
The venue, we pay hire fees for every week, they will charge our club for this cleaning, and that will be money we need for new timing equipment, medals etc. Children don’t really understand that these acts of stupidity cost money, they don’t understand that those of us that clean up after them are volunteering and we aren’t paid to clean up after them.
Please let the centre email know if you have any information for us. if the children involved wish to come forward to own up and apologize then that would be the best course of action for them.


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